Mars Luren

Mars Luren Asheville Tattoo Artist as Sacred Lotus Tattoo, West Asheville

Mars Luren relocated in 2017 to the Asheville area from the DC area - where she grew up and began her tattoo career in 2008. Her priorities in tattooing are to enable people to express themselves and their ideas as authentically as possible, and to provide a space for the entire experience to be safe, comfortable, and empowering. Everyone gets tattooed for different reasons: from wanting to express deeply personal, emotional, and existential ideas, events, & beliefs, to making official an appreciation for pizza and cartoons. Mars’ focus is on really listening and communicating with clients to put the essence of what’s important to them into their tattoos, an approach which has given her experience in a lot of different styles. Over time she has come to focus on floral botanical pieces, black and grey realism - particularly portraiture, traditional tattoos, and illustrative work which utilizes earthy, mythological, supernatural and fantasy based symbolism. She books out no further than 2 months in advance, with exceptions made when called for.

She fully appreciate folks coming to her for tattoo work, and truly enjoys getting to meet and work with so many people.

Additionally she works actively as an illustrator and fine artist, enjoying many means of creative expression, and has found that all of her creative practices inform and strengthen one another.