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Kimi Leger has been tattooing in the Asheville area since 2004. Throughout her career she has become a known, trusted tattooer with a good reputation and large clientele base. She feels honored to create art that literally becomes part of her clients forever. Voted #1 Best Tattoo Artist in Asheville 2016.
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Kimi Leger Won #1 Best of Tattoo Artist 2016 in Asheville and #2 Best of Tattoo Artist in Asheville for the year 2014 and 2015.

Kitty Love

Kitty Love brings over 20 years of tattooing expertise to Sacred Lotus. She is a talented illustrator and has been an Asheville local for many years.

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Chad has been tattooing professionally for the last 2 and a half years. This goofy character apprenticed under Kimi Leger and other great artists. Specializing in Traditional/ Neo Traditional tattoos, But is just as capable of doing anything from black and grey realism, to japanese.  Also a fan of oil painting, watercolor, colored pencils, and charcoal. A fun loving dude, who just wants to do a good tattoo and have some fun while doing it! 
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Jessica Guillory  apprenticed under Kimi Leger at Sacred Lotus Tattoo Shop in Asheville. She is originally from New Orleans and has lived in the Asheville area for 10 years. 

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Cameron Scofield

Cameron Scofield, a talented tattooer who recently relocated to Asheville from Florida. 

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